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Next Videos & New Work Bench

Posted by Travis , in Behind The Curtain Feb 09, 2016 · 1,072 views

videos ssg work bench
My last set of videos seemed to be received pretty well. I think next weekend I’m going to work on another video. This one will be a jigsaw puzzle tutorial. I have a couple of new techniques that work well for me that I havne’t seen anywhere else. So I think it will be helpful for those who want to cut jigsaw puzzles. I’m going to get all of the video shot, then spend the next week or so editing. Hopefully this edit will go a little quicker than the last edit. LOL.

I’m also going to start on a new workbench. It’s going to be an island style workbench with the table saw on the other end. I’ll only be able to start it. I certainly won’t’ finish it. Since I’m only able to get into the shop on the weekends, I have a feeling it will take me quite awhile. That’s OK. I’ll pick away at it as I can.

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