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Unburied by scroll saw

Posted by kkrunde , Jul 22, 2015 · 1,366 views

We had to quickly clean out our storage unit in the spring and sadly the only place to put the stuff was around all my equipment. But we donated most of the stuff in the last few weeks, so I can finally get to the scroll saw. I want to make a cabin with some trees, but haven't decided yet how I want to go about it. I saw this neat idea to use old, worn boards, cut out the shapes, and then paint other boards in bold colors to attach to the back.... it really does look nicer than I'm able to describe it.

I made some beeswax wood finish today and put it on some pieces I cut out last year and it looks and works very well. Was cheap and easy to make.


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I enjoyed reading your stories. I made some cabins, enough to have a little village. 12 I think. Actually more than that but I sold a couple. A general store, Jail, hardware store, diner and cabins. I cut old barn boards 

1/4" sq. by 8" long ...hundreds

Anyway, I love my cabins.. 

I think I have a picture in my album.

Hope you make one, 



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