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PayPal is Back!

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Howdy All.  Awhile back, I changed the membership payment processor from PayPal to Stripe.  While Stripe is much easier and works better with our software, many folks still prefered PayPal.  So I brought it back.  PayPal now supports recurring payments, which is nice.  So you have a default option of auto-renewing your subscription at the end of the term.  (Stripe auto-renews automatically).  Now when you check out, you can choose to use either PayPal or Stripe.

A couple of notes if you use PayPal.  Upgrading and downgrading supporter options is a bit trickier.  Basically, you have to cancel one membership in order to buy the other.  There's a couple of other quirks too, that don't apply to SSV at this time.  Just let me know if you run into trouble.  I'm happy to help out.

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