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Basic Tools For Scrolling So you are interested in Scroll Sawing? That is great, and you may be asking yourself what tools do I need to get started? Well that is not always an easy answer, because there are a number of different types of work you can do using a scroll saw, so I am going to focus on making or cutting portraits.

Well the most expensive purchase you will have to make will be the saw it’s self. This does not need to be an expensive purchase. There are a number of low cost alternatives to get started, from a number of different makers. I am not going to get into which saw you should purchase, that is another article altogether. But as a rule of thumb, and some may disagree with this (and that is ok) get the best saw that you can afford up front, this will make your making saw dust more enjoyable on the front end. Just a couple of things to look for when shopping for your saw is ease of blade change, it is variable speed, and the saw accepts pin less blades.

Next will be scroll saw blades. Again there are a number of different brands, styles, types, and purposes for scroll saw blades out there, and again this can be a whole different subject that I will not breach in this article. But I suggest that you get a variety of different blades and try them out until you find what works best for you. For example I tend to use spiral blades while many others prefer to use flat blades.

You will also need a drill with small drill bits. You do not need to go out and get yourself an expensive drill for this, a cheap one will be fine. The drill bits again should be the small bits and getting basic steel twist bits will work great for this application.

Wood will be needed as well. I would suggest that you start with simple 1/8” Baltic birch ply wood until you have the hang of cutting, then start experimenting with other woods. The Baltic Birch will allow you to cut straighter, because when cutting solid wood the blade may try to follow the grain in solid woods unless your careful.

Sand paper is needed as well. This way you can sand your projects down to bring your project to completion. It is not a requirement to have a power sander, although it does make the job quicker and easier in many cases, but just a small block of wood, a piece of sandpaper, and your hand will work just as well. You will use the sand paper to smooth the face of your project and it can also be used to clean up the “Fuzzies” that are left in your cuts.

You will also want a spray adhesive so you can attach your pattern to your wood. There are some alternatives to using spray adhesive, such as packing tape and painters tape. This will be a personal preference.

You will want paper to print your pattern out on, all though you can go to your local print shop with the pattern you want printed and have them print it out as well. Again the choice is yours.

Lastly you will want backing material of some sort and if you choose to frame your completed projects, picture frames. The backing material can be stained or painted wood, craft paper, felt, or any other material you can think of, that gives you the effect you want.

So the basic list to get you started in the world of scrolling would be (others may want to add to this list, as you may, but this is just the basics)

1. Scroll Saw 2. Drill 3. Blades 4. Drill Bits 5. Sand paper 6. Wood 7. Adhesive 8. Backer 9. Picture Frame (Optional)

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