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Clubs and organizations offer an opportunity to share ideas, techniques and patterns. Often, they'll have membership dues that are applied to cover operational expenses such as meeting places, newsletters, websites, or sponsored events.

Many times, clubs and organizations sponsor events for their members. They may also hold public events in order to raise awareness of scrolling and to recruit new members.

Large Organizations

Large scrolling organizations are similar to guilds. They offer support for their members and to the craft as a whole. This may include copyright enforcement to legislation to protect their craft. Membership usually includes a publication, industry news, and directories of members, clubs, and businesses.

Local Clubs

Many local communities have scrolling or woodworking clubs. These clubs provide an environment in which scrollers can gather together and socialize. Depth of organization may vary from club to club from a clearly defined club complete with officers and club charters, to a casual gathering of fellow woodworkers. Most clubs offer an opportunity for local scrollers and woodworkers to show off their work, share ideas, and learn techniques. Some clubs may offer a hands-on workshops to try out new techniques.

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