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  • Applique - a cut out design applied to a surface.



  • Compound cutting -
  • Coping saw -
  • Corian - a synthetic material created by the DuPont company. Often used as counter surfaces for kitchen and bathrooms. Scrollers find this material easy to cut with a scroll saw and creates unique projects.


  • Fretsaw - a hand saw used for intricate and delicate interior cuts. The long throat and short blade accommodates larger pieces of wood and allows for a tight turning radius. The fretsaw is similar to a coping saw. The scroll saw is often considered the electric version of the fretsaw.
  • Fretwork - an interlacing decorative pattern or picture created by piercing cuts using a scroll saw, jigsaw, or fretsaw.


  • Inlay - a technique that inserts on material into the surface of another. See also "Wood Inlay."
  • Intarsia - a technique that uses different species of wood to create a dimensional picture. Intarsia shares similar properties to marquetry and relief carving.



  • Kerf - the cut into a piece of wood left by a saw blade.
  • Kerf width - the width of a cut in a piece of wood left by a saw blade. This is width is calculated by the width of the blade plus how wide the teeth protrude from side-to-side from the blade.



  • Marquetry - a technique of applying veneers of different species of wood to a surface to create geometric patterns or representational pictures.


  • Pattern - a template or guide used to create a project. Often scroll saw patterns are printed and glued to a wood surface. Then cut following the lines in the pattern.
  • Ply - a shortcut named used to refer to plywood
  • Plywood - a lamination of multiple thin wood veneers usually glued at right angles to create a stable wood product.



  • Veneer - a thin layer of wood. Uses includde the construction of plywood, facing material for a less expensive material, or used in the art of marquetry.


  • Wood burning -
  • Wood inlay - a technique that inserts one species of wood into another species of wood to create a geometric pattern or a representational picture. Often, the surfaces will be smooth. Wood inlay shares many of the same properties as Marquetry.
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