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What Is A Wiki?

A wiki is a collaborative website in which users can easily modify and contribute content. The idea is to have multiple users constantly adding and updating content so that the information is more likely to be current and accurate. Often, wikis provide informational content written in a nutral tone, being careful not to convey bias or opinion. Wikipedia is the largest and most well known example of a wiki with hundres of thousands of user contributed articles on a multitude of subjects.

Getting Started

Getting started with a wiki is as easy as clicking the edit button, modifying the information, and selecting the Save Page button. Codes (called Wikitext) add to the formatting options to the wiki. This includes bold, italics, and hyper-linking to other articles.

Since Scroll Saw Wiki uses the same powerful software as Wikipedia, much of their markup and conventions also apply to Scoll Saw Wiki. If you don't find the information you're looking for, try one of Wikipedia's resources listed below.

The easiest way to get started is by going through Wikipedia's short tutorial on how to edit a wiki. This will give you a good foundation on wiki syntax and editing.

Using the Wiki

Editing Basics

Style Guide

Wikipedia Resources

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