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Welcome To Scroll Saw Wiki

a scroll saw reference anybody can edit.

About Scroll Saw Wiki

The Scroll Saw Wiki is an ongoing project to build a user-created free resource about the scroll saw and the related scroll sawing arts.

User Created

This website is a collaborative effort within the scrolling community to update and add new information related to scroll sawing. As a wiki, anybody can easily contribute by editing pages. If you see an error on a page, you can correct it instantly for future users. Or if you want to add new content, you don't need to ask permission. Just go ahead and create the page.


Scroll Saw Wiki supports free distribution of information. Therefore, the information provided here is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Basically it may be copied, modified and redistributed freely, as long as the new version grants the same freedoms to others and acknowledges Scroll Saw Wiki authors (a link back to the article satisfies our author credit requirement). The Scroll Saw Wiki will therefore remain free forever and can be used by anybody.

How To Help

Pick an article and add information to it. If there isn't an article written about a particular subject matter, create it. Its that easy. Spelling and grammar corrections are always welcome as well as layout and topic organization. The community portal has a To-Do list or you may look at a list of short pages that may need additional information..

Getting Started

Although registration is not required to edit pages, you may wish to register to get additional editor functionality (watch pages, notifications, contribution logs). Registration is also required for uploading photographs and documents. (Note: Registration on Scroll Saw Wiki is independent of your Scroll Saw Village account.) You can find Help documents located on the bottom of an edit page as well as the left sidebar. Editing is as simple as clicking the Edit button and making your changes. Blue links have written articles associated with it. Red links mean the article has not been written yet.

Getting Started

Tools of the Trade

Basic Techniques

Finding Patterns


Commercial Suppliers

Points of Interest

Scroll Sawing by Type

For Designers

Other Resources

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