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Scroll Saw Village is a free online community dedicated to the promotion on the scrolling arts. You’ll find active discussions lead by fellow scroll saw enthusiasts covering a wide variety of topics. Subjects include fretwork, intarsia, segmentation, compound cutting, toy making, and more. Its mission is to support new and seasoned scrollers alike and expose others to scroll sawing by fostering a community of open and free distribution of information and patterns.


  • An active forum where users can exchange ideas, techniques, and patterns.
  • Free private messaging between members.
  • User Gallery - a personal photo gallery with no storage limitations.
  • Pattern Library - a pattern archive of free scroll saw patterns designed by community members.
  • Scroll Saw Wiki - a scroll saw resource anybody can edit.
  • Scroll Saw Chat - Live chat room to discuss your favorite hobby.
  • The Village Square - A monthly newsletter covering scroll saw topics, SSV news and highlights.


Scroll Saw Village was founded on January 1, 2009 by Travis Cook as an expansion of his blog, Scroll Saw Goodies. Scroll Saw Village initially included forums, user galleries, pattern library, along with Scroll Saw Goodies blog and podcast.

The Scroll Saw Wiki wasn't added until a later date until March 9, 2009.


Scroll Saw Village operates exclusively on Open Source Software.

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