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    Micro Drawers on the Scroll Saw

    This is a picture story that shows how to make micro drawers using a scroll saw.  These would be good for ornaments, small boxes, or gnome and troll doors. 


    image01.jpgI chose some Easter shapes of a rabbit and an egg.  I scaled pictures to be about 0.75 inches wide.  I printed them out and used Super 77 spray glue to attach them to the wood.

    Step 2

    image03.jpgFrom here we need to drill holes for blade access.  I tried to place the drill holes in a position that can easily cover them up. I chose the top of the egg and the eyes for the rabbit.

    Step 3

    image02.jpgNow I just cut the outlines of the shapes.  I chose #7 skip blade. This wood was standard construction 1.75"x1.75" lumber.  7 inches tall.

    I wanted to show how I will cut the middle of the drawer so it can be accessed.  I marked the area I will cut out with green ink.  I wanted to keep the front and back shape.

    Step 4

    image05.jpgThe next picture shows the access area cut off.  The rabbit is easily shown with the middle section cut out.  The egg is sideways in the clamp to hold it level.

    Step 5

    image04.jpgThe next step is to cut the core out for the drawer cavity. I wanted to angle the blade so that the core can be used for the bottom.  A 10-degree angle seemed to be a good guess. This is to prevent the bottom of the drawer from falling through the bottom.

    On the bunny piece on the left of the image you can see the green ink that will be cut out.  So, I also drilled a 10-degree hole for blade access.

    Step 6

    image07.jpgHere, I show the core cut out for both the rabbit and egg. See the angle of the drawer's sides? The core's bottom slice will eventually be cut off and discarded. The middle slice will be used as the drawer bottom.  Lastly, the top slice will also be discarded.  The green ink shows what will be waste.  The non-green slice (middle slice) is the drawer bottom.

    Step 7

    image06.jpgimage09.jpgHere, I show to use the clamp to hold the angled wood 90-degrees to the blade, or close to it.

    The second picture, notice the first bottom slice missing. The next cut we will save for the bottom of the drawer.


    Step 8

    image08.jpgimage12.jpgHere, I showed the saved middle slices.  This will be glued back in place for the bottom of the drawers. 

    Step 9 

    image10.jpgimage11.jpgNow let's put the drawers back into the holders.  In the rabbit drawer, you can still see the drawer bottom.  The second picture shows the front view of them.

    Step 10

    image13.jpgimage14.jpgI was not very clever about drawer handles.  I just put short screws in the drill access holes.

    Then it was time to remove the pattern paper.



    I hope this picture story shows how to make micro drawers.

    This last picture shows a different application for a micro drawer.  It is a thick slice of wood ( 2.25" thick) carved Bobcat with a face as a micro drawer. 
    I should have kept the ears as part of the drawer like I did the rabbit, though. 

    I hope this inspires new ideas and applications!

    Micro Drawers on the Scroll Saw

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