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    Pull Toys - Simple Projects To Make And Sell

    Pull Toys - Simple Projects To Make And Sell

    4.jpegThis is a set of scroll saw projects you can make and sell and make a decent profit.  They all are very simple and easy to make.  (Link to full sized patterns at the bottom of the article) 

    Estimated material cost to you for each of these projects is under $2.00 (Less, if you make your own wheels and axles).  Time to make each project should be around 20 minutes each and you should be able to sell them for around $20 each.  If you net around $18 for each project and you can make each project in 20 minutes, that is 3 projects an hour, or around $54 an hour.  Not too bad.

    Time:  These projects are simple and quick to make.  (Approximate times noted).  2 to 3 minutes preparing the wood and to glue the patterns to the wood.  4 to 5 minutes to scroll saw each.  4 to 5 minutes to paint and sand.  6 to 7 minutes to assemble.  Your actual overall time will vary slightly from project to project.  I would recommend to try and time yourself making each of thes projects to find out which work best for you and are faster to make.  TIME IS MONEY.  Note, I found the turtle to be my fastest, and cheapest, to make.  It was made out of a 2x6 piece of scrap wood.  The horse pull toy was the longest to cut out due to all the saw kerfs in the mane.  The centipede was the most expensive due to the 10 wheels.  (I did save by using dowels in place of wheel axels.)

    Important:  Use nontoxic paint, clear topcoats, and paste wax.

    Some tricks and tips:

    • Try to find and use scrap wood.  Perhaps from a local housebuilder or woodworking shop.
    • If the surfaces are to be painted, paint the wood on both sides BEFORE cutting gout.  Apply two coats and a clear top coat.  Attach the pattern and cut out.  Leave the edges natural.
    • Make your own wheels and axles.  They are simple enough to make.
    • If you purchase wheels, I recommend Casey’s Wood Products.
    • Make 10 or more the same project at the same time and mass produce them.  This speeds up the overall process even more.
    • If you want to paint only the edges of the project, glue the pattern to the front surface as you usually do and glue a plain piece of paper to the back surface.  Cut out the project then paint the edges with the pattern and paper still in place.  Remove the pattern and the piece of paper and sand the front and back surfaces and you're done.  You might want to apply a clear top coat.
    • Use dowels in place of wheel axles
    • Leave the wheels natural.  For color, paint only the wheel axles.
    • For color to the wheels, try just painting the outer surface, leave the front and back surfaces natural.
    • A project should look and feel good.  Steel wool the project with #0000 wool and apply a coat of paste wax to finish the project.



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