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    Bunny Cars

    Make these cute Mama Bunny and Baby Bunny cars for the little ones in your life.  They also make awesome Easter decorations.  They're super simple to knock out, so make a whole batch of them.  Enjoy!  🐇


    Step 1

    01.jpgWith spray adhesive, attach your pattern to the wood blank.  I align the bunny ears along the grain to give it extra stability.  I also added some packing tape to the top to secure the pattern.


    Step 2

    02.jpgAt the drill press, I'm using a 1/4" bit to drill the axle holes for the wheels.


    Step 3

    03.jpgI'm using the same drill bit to drill a shallow divot where the bunny's eyes are.  This is optional.

    Step 4

    04.jpgAt the scroll saw, I cut out the perimeter.  I'm using a #3 scroll reverse blade.


    Step 5

    05.jpgWith some sandpaper, I soften the edges for little fingers.


    Step 6

    06.jpgYou can choose to paint the bunnies before assembly.  I'm using standard craft paint.


    Step 7

    07.jpgI'm using a clear acrylic spray for added protection.  


    Step 8

    08.jpgI cut down some 1/4" dowels to about 2" long.  These are longer than you need, but we'll cut them down later.


    Step 9

    09.jpgYou can make your own wheels, but I find it's easier to just buy them premade.  You can find those here.


    Step 10

    10.jpgWe're going to glue up the half of the axel/wheel assembly.  With a toothpick, I apply glue to the inside of the wheel.  Then with a hammer, I tap the axel into the hole so it's flush with the other side.  Clean up any excess glue, and set aside to dry.


    Step 11

    11.jpgI made a couple of jigs for the last part.  The first is scrap wood with a hole in it.  This allows you to tap the axel into the other wheel and have clearance for it to protrude from the other side.

    The second is a credit card with a V notch cut into it.  Put this between the wheel and the bunny to create the perfect spacing for the wheel.

    Add glue to the inside of the 2nd wheel, put it on top of your scrap wood jig, thread the axel assembly through the axel holes in the bunny, put the credit card spacer between the wheel and the body, then tap the axel into the 2nd wheel.  Use a scrap board so you don't damage the wheel with your hammer.

    Step 12

    12.jpgWith a flush-trim saw, trim the protruding axel flush with the wheel.





    Bunny Cars
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