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  • Travis


    Here's a wicked shelf sitter word art for your Halloween décor.  This easy project is something you can knock out quickly, and still looks great!

    Step 1

    step1.jpgThe pattern comes in 3 sizes.  Check the end of the article for a downloadable pattern for SSV Patrons.

    Choose the size that works best for you.  

    Then, cut the pattern out to size.

    Step 2

    step2.jpgWith spray adhesive, I attach the pattern to 3/4" poplar.  I prefer Super 77 by 3M, but any spray adhesive will work.

    I like poplar because of how well it cuts, but you can use any wood.

    Step 3

    step3.jpgDrill pilot holes to feed the scroll saw blade through.

    Step 4

    step4.jpgCut out the inside of the "e" and "d" first, then cut the perimeter.  I'm using a #3 scroll reverse blade.

    Step 5

    step5.jpgTo remove the pattern, I spritz down the project with mineral spirits.  Wait a few moments until the paper turns translucent.  This will dissolve the glue and your pattern will practically fall off on it's own.

    Step 6

    step6.jpgPaint or leave natural wood. I chose to paint mine black.  I'm using regular craft paint.  Turn it over often to make sure you're getting all of the spots.

    Step 7


    Once dry, we're going to add a bit of sparkle with some glitter (better known as "The Devil's Cocaine").  Spread on a thin coat of Mod Podge on just the face of the design then immediately sprinkle with glitter.  This will glue on the glitter. You have to work quickly because it dries fast.  I did mine in two passes.

     Let dry.  If you want, you can add a clear coat to the project to seal in the glitter a bit more.

    🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃



    SSV Patron Exclusive!

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    wow. 127,00 views and no comments? I can't hardly believe that. It seems that every post someone makes get several comments. I like your word pattern and the way you added to sparkles to it, however I was a little disapointed in the difficulty to view it as the black color simply did not seem to stand out very well but it was the perfect color for Halloween. Good job Travis



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