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  • Supplier: Klockit

    Website: https://www.klockit.com

    Shipping Location: Lake Geneva, WI

    International Shipping?: No

    Products: Woodworking Plans, Clock Parts, Other

    Supplier Info:

    Currently able to ship to the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. 

    • Clock Inserts & Movements
    • Clock woodworking plans
    • Finishing Supplies


    If a pattern shop needs to be removed because it is no longer available, or if the company name has changed, please contact an admin to make let us know. Everything else, feel free to correct to reflect the most current information. Thank you for your continued support in keeping our information accurate.

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    I have used then a few times over the year and never had any problems with their product or their service.   I do not use them a lot, I do not do a lot of clock work, but I go to them because I can remember the name and I got their catalog for years.   Back in the late '70's I order an Emperor grandfather clock kit, from them... that was my first real clock project.  Took me a while to complete it.  I was building our house at that time, working full time and had a family of two little children, so I was a busy man at the time.  The clock is still sitting in our living room ticking away.  Very accurate also.

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    I've used them a few time for 1 7/16th clock insets and that have had the best price.  The quality of the clock a very good. I ordered from them 3 times in the past years with absolutly no problem.  Thumbs up for me!

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