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  • Travis

    Dishwasher Magnet


    A buddy of mine wanted a magnet for his dishwasher that would tell him if the dishes are clean or dirty. This is a quick and easy project that I think would be a great craft show seller.

    To use, keep the “Dirty” part of the sign facing up. When you start your dishwasher, flip it to “Clean.” Once the dishwasher is unloaded, flip it back over to “Dirty.” Now you’ll know with a glance if your dishes are clean or dirty (without the bother of actually opening the dishwasher).

    Step 1

    dishwasher01.jpgFirst, I printed and cut out the pattern.  I've included 2 sizes, just pick the one you like better.  I opted for the smaller one in this project.

    Step 2

    dishwasher02.jpgWith spray adhesive, I sprayed the back of the pattern.  Once the adhesive dried a bit so it was tacky like a Post-It note, I applied it to my workpiece.  I'm using 1/4" solid oak I picked up at the big box store.

    Step 3

    dishwasher03.jpgThen I drilled my pilot holes on the inside of the letters.

    Step 4

    dishwasher04.jpgStart with the inside of the letters and cut those holes out first.

    Step 5

    dishwasher05.jpgThen I moved to the perimeter of the pattern and cut that out.  I'm using a #3 scroll reverse blade.

    Step 6

    dishwasher06.jpgI spritz down the workpiece with some mineral spirits.  After a few moments, the paper will turn somewhat translucent.  Once that happens, the pattern will practically fall off on its own.

    Step 7

    dishwasher07.jpgWith a palm sander, I sanded the workpiece with 220 grit sandpaper.  I'm using a sanding pad (like this one) to help control the small project and pad the workpiece.  You can also hand sand this.

    Step 8

    dishwasher08.jpgI'm using a star sander (like this one).  This is a great tool for softening the edges.  Just be careful, because it can easily grab your project and send it flying through the air.

    Step 9

    dishwasher09.jpgI'm using Deft Wood Finish in a satin finish.  This is my favorite clear coat and produces a beautiful finish.

    Step 10

    dishwasher10.jpgI'm using some Gorilla epoxy glue to glue down some ceramic magnets.  If I had to do it over again, I think I'd pick up some rare earth magnets like these.  They hold stronger and have a much lower profile.




    Dishwasher Magnet
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