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  • Travis

    Peeps & Carrots


    These Easter Bunny Peeps and Carrots are a perfect addition to an Easter Basket or centerpiece.  This is a quick and easy project you can knock out in a couple of hours.  Enjoy the video!  :popcorn:


    Step 1

    Peeps1.jpgI printed out the pattern.  Then I cut out the pattern to rough size.  I attached it to some 3/4" poplar with some spray adhesive.

    Step 2

    Peeps2.jpgI didn't use a pattern for the carrots.  I wanted them to be a little un-uniform.  So I roughly drew out each shape onto a 6" board.  Don't worry if you can't draw, carrots are basically long triangles.  The carrot shape doesn’t have to be perfect.

    Step 3

    Peeps3.jpgI used a #5 scroll reverse blade on the scroll saw to cut out my shapes.

    Step 4

    Peeps4.jpgI sanded with 120 grit to remove the fuzzies and soften the edges.

    Step 5

    Peeps5.jpgThen, with a rotary tool, I add some simple details to the carrots.  Just little gouges in the side to indicate the ridges of the carrots.  Again, no need to be perfect.

    Step 6

    Peeps6.jpgI used a sanding mop (also called a star sander) on my drill press to soften the edges.

    Step 7

    Peeps7.jpgPaint the bunnies and carrots with bright colored craft paints.  These are just cheap paints you can find at a craft store for a dollar or two.  Dip the back-end of your paintbrush into black paint and just dab a dot in for the eyes and nose.

    If you want to order a nice kit, check this one out.

    Step 8

    Peeps8.jpgCut craft store felt for the carrot leaves.  I didn't use a pattern.  Just long triangles to make them look like leaves of the carrot.  I used two different colors of felt for a bit of variety.

    Step 9

    Peeps9.jpgTack the felt to the end of the carrots with a brass nail.  The brass really makes it sparkle.


    Final Project


    Peeps & Carrots
    SSV Patron Exclusive!

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