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Howdy all.  I know there's a few of us here that play with lasers, CNC, cutters like the Silhouette Cameo, 3d printers, etc.  I was thinking of making a small section for those of us that want to chat about stuff like that, share pics, files, etc. It'll be tucked into a small corner of SSV, separate from the scroll saw stuff, but have a lot of the same cool functionality.

I wanted to gauge interest.  Post below if this is something you'd like.

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I would definitely post more of my projects and maybe try to add some how to info etc. to a specific question if we had a specific spot for it so long as it was welcome by everyone.. I don't post too much of my experiences and projects here in the village because I've seen some pretty mad folks on the scroll saw sites and FB groups over the years.. many of them seem threatened by CNC and laser work.. so I just slip one in on here just now and then.. not to upset the scroll saw community. 

I don't necessarily post anything on any of the laser / scroll saw groups either because there are some that seem to not really be interested in folks asking questions.. I'm far from being anything close to experienced with either machine.. there is just no place with a group of friendly people like we have here with the village.. Hate to upset those folks here if they would rather not see this added.. we have a special scroll saw group here.. I'd say maybe you should run a voting pole thing to see if it would be good with everyone. We kinda have the "Other Woodworks" section..   

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Thanks very much for this idea Travis. I have both a laser engraving machine and a CNC milling/router machine and I would like a little corner for them as it does bring up a lot of negativity from some people on the SSV site. I know, I have experienced it.

This is SCROLL SAW VILLAGE trusted site and should remain so but I think a small corner somewhere would be good for people who have these machines. I would relish the chance of learning from others what I need to know about running these machines effectively as I find myself stuck at times and with the different models of machines out there bound to be a few differing ways of working with each of them although I think a common thread may be the language that the operating code is written in (GRBL GCode ??)

It seems like you are adding another burden to your workload and I hope it will not be too much to keep a rein on it as well, but if you wish I would certainly like a separate area where we could ask about projects etc.

take care and stay safe

Don W

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On 11/5/2021 at 3:34 PM, Foxfold said:

I'm all for it, however, do you really want 'more' work on your plate ? 🤣

Hahaha...true.  Yah, sometimes I'm really busy and it's hard to keep up with SSV.  Other times, it's slower and I can focus on our humble little community.  One thing for sure, I keep trying to make the place better.  Sometimes it works....sometimes it doesn't.  It does take a fair amount of work to add a new feature, but once it's set up, it kinda is on auto-pilot.


For a little peek behind the curtain, I have a Groups/Clubs function on SSV that I haven't really turned on.  It's basically a special interest area.  You basically join a group to get access to that section.  It includes discussions, galleries, files, etc.  The nice thing about it, it's segregated away from the main forum.  So unless you're apart of that group, your feed won't be cluttered with stuff you're not interested in.

I've been trying to think of a way to integrate it into SSV, and I think it would be good for specialized interest and interests that are a bit more off topic.  I figured CNC/Laser would be a good test if there's enough interest.  Then I can open other ones.  Just off the top of my head, it would be things like General Woodworking, Wood Turning/Pen Turning, craft business centric, maybe one for pattern designers specifically.  I'm still kinda working through the details in my head.  I think if I was to do this, it would be a premium feature for SSV Silver Patrons and above.  I worry about that because it limits the audience.  But since it's so specialized and focused, it seems like a nice perk for patrons.  A little something extra for those who support SSV:)

Who knows if it will work.  But it's worth considering and maybe giving it a try.  🤷‍♂️


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I’m with the others, it’s adding more work for you but if you want to undertake it, I’d be interested, the Special Groups function might be one way of doing it to keep it a little more segregated from the Village and thus from those who might not want to see it. However, I know that many would also be interested in seeing the work being done even if they don’t have the equipment it’s self.  So they would not be able to see it without having to join the special group.

I pretty much have all the equipment you referenced and then some. 😉🤫 I’m happy to help you in any way that I can. Just let me know if there is a way I can be of assistance.

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Hi Travis:
If adding more (DARK SIDE) sections to this site will bring you more income than GO FOR IT
I have learned (with the help of a few Villagers) to keep my mouth shut
about Lasers/CNC, and a few other things...LOL -  It's not for everyone
Personally, I have no use for them - SCROLL SAW means more in the long run
than a computer generated design....(My opinion, for what's it's worth) and in no way disrespecting those that choose the DARK SIDE
This is your site, Travis, you do one hell of a job keeping us Villagers in line
Do what you feel is right and we will live with it - 

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HOLD IT!!! I thought Intarsia was the DARK SIDE LOL. Just joking.

I would be very interested in a CNC/Lasers Section if it doesn't cause you to have more work Travis.

I have a CNC that has been sitting under a tarp for the last year because my laptop died on me. And I'm looking at getting a Laser for my Dog Leash Holders. Maybe this will get me to looking for a used laptop and get this going again.



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Most of the objections I’ve heard from scrollers about lasers revolve around cutting with them as opposed to engraving with them.  I have no interest in cutting things out with a laser, but I have on a number of occasions burned something onto a project I’m scrolling.  I do a lot of puzzles and have lasered the backs of some before cutting them with special messages. I’m seriously thinking of adding an inexpensive laser to my tool arsenal so I can do my engraving at home.  A place to discuss the ins and outs of this tech would be welcomed for me. 

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15 hours ago, Heli_av8tor said:

I have a casual interest in laser and CNC and would read it. 

But frankly, the interest isn’t great enough to pay for it.

You wouldn't be "paying for it" per se.  It would be basically an extra feature or area for folks who support SSV at silver level or above.  Most people who are SSV Patrons do it to help me offset the cost of running SSV and to get access to the extra design tutorials, project workshop, bookmarks and a couple other perks.  This would sweeten the pot a bit.  That's the main reason why I'm a little concerned as to whether it will work.  It's a pretty limited group of people, so it's hard to guess how much activity it would.  Once I get this off the ground and tested, I'm hoping to open it other special interest areas.

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I agree with you about the limited group.. I'm not sure how many folks here have, use a CNC / Laser. etc.. I only know of a handful.. Most of us here are also kinda new at it.. maybe be a good thing as we can learn and grow together with it.. or confuse each other more so we just go back to scroll work that we know, LOL

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