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Hello from Goddard, KS (suburb of Wichita home of the Wichita State Shockers)

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I am a hobbyist scroller but more importantly a lucky husband and father!

In 2022 I fired up my old craftsman and started scrolling for the first time in probably 20 years. i did a few simple projects and then some nice Steve Good patterns including a modified nurse pattern for my daughter in laws graduation.

In January I suffered a stroke. I am fortunate that it did not affect me cognitively, but it did leave my left side flacid. So, i invested in a Dewalt 788 (got a great deal) because of the ease with changing the blade with one hand. I will use a hack that Steve Good shared a few years ago to hold the blade. My belief is that scrolling will assist in rehabing my hand.

Looking foward to sharing my findings!


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7 hours ago, clocks and more said:

Welcome from CT. I hope that scroll sawing will help you,and you doo get more use of your hand.  So that you could show pictures of your work. I t might help others, Thanks for joining,  "We love Pictures"


Thank You! my therapist finally agree that I won't cut my fingers off lol. I will gladly share any new works and I really hope I can inspire others.

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Welcome to our family of scrollers. I am amazed  you can scroll with one hand somewhat challenged. I sure hope you will see some improvement with it as time goes on. We all want to get to know you a better so log on often and anticipate often. 



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