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Portraits of Eagle and Hawk

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9 hours ago, FrankEV said:

This double project was inspired by this Art that is exhibited on the walls of a Wayne G. Sanborn Activity Center in Deland Florida. 



I’ve enjoyed cutting ‘Birds-of-Prey’ patterns since I began scrolling but most of the patterns that are available were not very accurate representations and not in the perched pose I was looking for.  So, although I did use images I found on-line, the patterns I developed using Inkscape are basically my work and not just a ‘trace bitmap’ copy.

The patterns wound up being a ‘guide’ to the cutting as the many (I did not count, but I’m sure well over 500 in each pattern) cut-outs are very small with some smaller than the hole I drilled for the Pegas #2/0 spiral blades I used to cut the patterns.  Additionally, although the patterns appeared to work on paper, I found I had to add many bridges, on the fly, to make them scrollable. 

Due to the delicate nature of the patterns, the closeness of the long parallel cut-outs, and the need to be very accurate in my cutting, I found I could only cut for about two hours at a time before my eyes would start to cross.  As a result, it took over a week to complete each panel.

As usual, the 11” x 14” patterns were cut in 5/32” thick solid core Maple Ply affixed to a 1/4" thick BB Ply backer.

Using the Air Brush, the backers and panels were painted using Artist Acrylic Air Brush Paints.  Backers were painted Black while the cut panels were colored using photos of real Bald Eagles and Red-shouldered Hawks as guides.  Creating the various color shades necessary to be realistic is still a ‘trial-and-error’ process for me.  So the painting, drying time, necessary repainting, and additional drying time was very time consuming.  I think I did a decent job of adding color to this project, but I still have a lot to learn.

The double frame is just a variation on my standard 1 3/4" wide rail Poplar frame that has a Black rattle can spray, prime and paint,  finish.



As always, comments and critiques are welcome.

EDIT: I posted the patterns in Pattern Exchange. 

Great job with added color, I've yet to take the plunge into air brushing, although my father passed down all his automotive spray equipment which I toy with at times. It definitely has a more polished finish than brush work, which I prefer on some projects. I'd like to see more of your work, it looks amazing!

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