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Easter Scroll Saw Challenge


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Easter is on April 1st this year.  So you have plenty of time to prepare for the holiday.  This challenge is open to interpretation.  Just do something for Easter.  This could be:

  • Toys for the Kids
  • Easter Baskets
  • Candy holders
  • Easter decor
  • Bunnies...bunnies...and more bunnies.
  • Bowls, place settings, napkin rings, centerpieces, etc for Easter Dinner
  • Religious/Faith based projects
  • Good Friday related

It's up to you.  This is your chance to be creative and make something for Easter.  Post a pic or your Easter project here.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!



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Here's one for you. It'd be the perfect day to choc coat a raw egg, or boiled, and wrap it as the real deal. You don't get this chance very often. You know you want to do it now that you've read this. It's stuck in your mind and you can see the funny side to it. Go on, be daring, do it. :) 


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7 minutes ago, Scrappile said:

Nice cutting.... I think letters are the biggest challenge. 

I agree, one little slip or lapse of concentration and a person is hooped.  Have two more big lettering projects on the to do list and am not looking forward to them, BUT they will be so nice when done.  Meant to post this in the Easter challenge, do not know how it got here.  Have PM'd Travis to move it for me.  Thanks Paul.


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That is nice work!!!  How big is the piece?

I have done several similar pieces and have found that Cherry and Walnut are too unforgiving on thin-bridge potential dropouts.  I now use 3/8" solid Jatoba (aka Brazilian Cherry).  It is extremely hard, and the interlocking grain is far more forgiving when scrolling small letters.

I have also found these projects are very stressful.  By the time you reach the last few words, the cost-of-failure is very high and an errant drop-out is never replaceable.   :cry:


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