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Family - Scroll Saw Challenge


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Thanksgiving was a big event in our family.  All the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends would all come together and enjoy a carefully prepared meal together.  But as a kid, I never enjoyed the holiday.  We always went to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner.  She had no kids of her own, which means it was boring!  But as I get older, I’ve learned to appreciate those days and now have many fond memories.  It was an opportunity to take time out of our busy schedule, slow down, and enjoy our friends and family.  So when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of family. 

This month’s scroll saw challenge is around the theme of “Family.”  What does it mean to you?  Post a pic of a scroll saw project that illustrates your love of family, friends and thanksgiving.  When you do, write a little something about it.  I really enjoy hearing the backstory behind these projects.

Have fun!

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Those look great @don in brooklin on And the women in your life are going to be thrilled with their stocking stuffers. 🎅 BUT, I think you need to make your wife a second one that says “Lacrosse Gramma” because, after all, she is both a hockey and a lacrosse gramma. 😉

i remember those travel sports days well. Both of my children who are soon to be 23 and 22 this month and next, both did competitive gymnastics for about 6 years total. We traveled throughout the Southeast and up into Ohio. We traveled s lot with that. Then my daughter started competitive VB at the age of 13 (when her knees wouldn’t let her do gymnastics anymore 😕) and continued playing high school and travel ball. You went straight from school ball into travel season, and when travel ended in late June, school ball was starting again. We traveled far and wide with travel ball. The farthest west she went was Colorado but since then her club has taken teams to California. We went into Ohio, Chicago, and throughout the Southeast every year. She then played college ball and just finished that this last Fall. I loved every minute of watching my kids and their teammates and the fun we had as a family traveling. Combined, between the sports, we were “on the road” for 16 years. I can say though this Fall it was great to finally have the time away too. 😉😊 bitter sweet for sure.

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On ‎11‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 11:32 AM, don in brooklin on said:

Thanksgiving has come and gone here in Canada but I do have to be thankful for our family.  I have 2 daughters that have followed careers that allow them to help others.  One is a nurse and the other is a principal in a public school.  Very busy but they still have time for their families too.

This project was inspired by Steve Good’s pattern sportingmoms.pdf

My youngest has 3 boys that play hockey.  Two play at AAA which means 2-3 practices a week and 2 games a week each.  They play all over south eastern Ontario. The oldest also plays house league which means 2 games a week.  My Son in law is a policeman and so it is up to her to makes sure that all the boys get to their hockey (we get called on often).  They never miss and she loves it.

She is the Super Hockey MOM and so Steve’s “Hockey Mom” was a perfect stocking stuffer.  I reduced to 3 inches and then added the #1.  It was my wife’s idea to eliminate the base.

My wife asked if there was a lacrosse Mom for our other daughter.  My Granddaughter plays elite Field Lacrosse and it is my daughter is her big supporter and chauffer.  This summer they played all over southern Ontario, Michigan and upper New York.  Fall and Winter 2 practices a week.

Not one in Steve’s pattern book, so I made a pattern in Inkscape.

Well, 2 out of the 3 ladies in my life are covered for stocking stuffers so I made the Hockey Gramma pattern and cut the same as the others.  She is a big supporter of the Whitby Wildcats and makes whatever game she can arrange but still takes the others when required.

My family busy and great sport supporters. 

All pieces cut from ¾ red oak using Flying Dutchman UR-5 and 3’s.  Finished with Tung Oil.

1 - hockey mom.JPG

2 - lacrossse mom.jpg

3 - hockey gramma.jpg

You did a great job on those Don, particularly on the lacrosse sticks. 

Now, this has me thinking of a design along the same lines for my daughter Kathleen who has supported my granddaughter Isla's synchronized swimming and followed (or led?) Isla all over North America.

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This project doesn't really follow the guidelines of showing love for family other than, my wife requested a shelf stand with the only requirements being

shelf measurements, as light as possible, and foldable.

Here's what I came up with from cheap 2" x 2", cheap 1" x 2" lumber, and the shelves from Baltic Birch.

All done on the scroll saw including the half lap joints. Approximately 58" tall by 35" wide. Folds to about 3 1/4" thick for storage.

The last photo shows a closer image of the half lap joints and the pins that the shelves sit on when lowered. Of course, some of the 2" x 2" cheap

box store lumber is either twisted or bowed but, it is still workable. 

If I had altered the width of the shelf, I could have made it close very near in the center but, as said, the size of the shelves were one of the

wife's requirements. Thanks for looking and comments welcomed.

God Bless! Spirithorse





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Not really sure if I have a good one for this contest or not.  I was always the introvert of the family, preferring Mountain Dew to everyone else's DrPepper, sitting in the den reading vs sitting in the livingroom screaming at a Cowboys (or Rangers) game, going hiking instead of to the mall, jogging vs. basketball.  So big groups of family just make me feel uncomfortable.  No matter what holiday we got together for, though (Dad was career Air Force, so large family get-togethers were not very common), there was always food.  Didn't matter the time of day, there was something to nibble, snack on, munch, sip, or slurp.  And so....a Thanksgiving trivet.  Steve Good pattern, 3/4" whiteboard, stained Minwax Provincial.  Currently drying, it'll go to work with me tomorrow for my "holiday" desk display.




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