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Valentine's Day Scroll Saw Challenge


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When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was making our Valentine's boxes in school so our classmates could put in Valentine's cards.  It was so much fun to go through and see what cards your classmates got you.  So for me, Valentine's Day isn't only about romantic love.  It's also about showing the people in your life how much you appreciate them.  A time to check in with friends, both old and new.  Connect with family just to say you're thinking of them.  A little special something for the kids or grandkids to say "I love you."

Post a project you made for your sweetheart, a good friend, or someone in your family to show how much you care.  It's open to interpretation, so get creative.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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This a Steve Good Design. I made it from 1/4-inch maple veneered MDF (left over from some floating shelves I made), this was the first time I ever scrolled anything MDF, and I was shocked at how evenly you cut through it. I have excellent dust collection so that was not a bother. Being MDF I had to paint it.

I like to place things like this around the house somewhere and wait to see how long it takes my wife to notice it.



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Here is the one I made for my wife.  I made the pattern from a photo on Pinterest.  The wood is Eastern Red Cedar, finished with rattle can lacquer.  Of course, I got it done the day before Valentine's Day, which is unusual for me, as the finish is usually still drying the morning of Valentine's Day.


Heart cat.jpg

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