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Sports - Scroll Saw Challenge


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SuperB0wl Weekend is coming up!  So this month's scroll saw challenge is about celebrating sports!  Any kind of sport:  football, basketball, lacrosse, badminton, curling, competitive pie eating.....whatever.  Post your sports related projects.  When you post, tell us who you made it for.  Are you a player?  A fan?  The stories behind the project is what makes it special.

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21 minutes ago, Frank Pellow said:

I'm not at all interested in professional sports.  So many participants  are paid obscene amounts of money and are elevated in many people's minds to being much more important and influential than they should be.  I feel so strongly about this that I go to the opposite extreme and don't even read about such sports.

Having ranted about that, I did and, in a few cases, still do participate in many amateur  sports and encourage those around me to do so.

My grandson Ethan is a good baseball player and I made this 'Stickman Baseball' thingy for him:


Steve Good designed the pattern for this.

Another good competitive activity is Chess and that is regarded as a sport by many folks.  I also made this Steve Good designed chess set and "stick" chess players for Ethan:




Well, heck, Frank,  we do agree on something!!   😁  I do not watch or care about professional sports for the same reason, plus I do not think I have a competitive bone in my body,, except for one sport.... The America's Cup Sail Boat racing..  I have watched it for years and still love to watch.... Following the Prada Cup in New Zealand now waiting for the finals.... Not sure why I love it so much,,, I have never sailed in my life... but it has always intrigued me.  I have a little mini-cup hull in my garage I started over a dozen years ago,  have all done but the mast and sails.  Do not know why I can't get myself to finish it... and time is running out...  And, if/when I do finish it I need someone to teach how to sail it.. My son could,, but he lives in Tennessee and I live in Washington..

Nice project you have done here.

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I have shared these before back about 3+ years ago when I cut them.  My daughter played volleyball. She played for her middle school, high school and many years of travel ball across the US before playing all 4 years in college. As a result, we traveled many places (after many years of traveling gymnastics with she and my son in even younger years) and watched many a volleyball match. I have made many sports related things for my kids and their teammates over the years but these are probably my favorite.

 These were made form daughter and her team mate for their "Senior Night" of her last season of College ball.  The teammate was a front row hitter, my daughter was the starting Libero (the one who plays the back row only in the different colored shirt, the one that is always diving to the ground to keep the ball up! 😉)  for 3 years  at college after playing as a regular starter on back row her first year. The original "hitter" pattern was created by Steve Good but the pattern its self was not actually "shared" on his blog.  He did happen to share a photo of some he had created for a local team in his area which I happened to see.  So I wrote to Steve to see if I could get the pattern which he kindly provided. I was originally going to make them both the same from that pattern, but since my daughter played the back row, I decided I would rather do one that more accurately depicted her playing so I took a photo of her and with inspiration from Steve's pattern, created the Libero pattern. I then added their numbers to the jerseys, their names, and the College Initials and their sports team's nickname.  They we given to them on their Senior Night.





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Hi Everyone

My brother decided to take up running socially as a means to lose weight. That progressed to running a short-distance races, or a few half marathons, all in a attempt to support his friends who were more serious into running as a sport. After a while he had accumulated more participation medals than he had place to put them. So, for Christmas 2017, I made him this wall-hanging board on which to hang his medals. This poorly taken picture was before I had given it to him. It is now about half-way full.

When I have time I have a personal goal to make a complete chess board and pieces, and the storage box for the pieces etc.  Well done, Trackman. You encourage me not to give up on my dream!  🙂 




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Never was much of a sportsy person....I can usually recognize the shape of the McGuffin used in whatever sport (volleyball, soccer ball, football, baseball, puck, etc), but that's about the extent of my knowledge.  I played backyard versions of most, but it wasn't until I got introduced to running that I really became "athletic".  I can put one foot in front of the other, I discovered.  :)  Generally an 8-minute-mile pace, but used to be able to hold that for hours.  Wasn't in the competitive leagues (took home two trophys...in races where I was one of two people in my age group), but until my knees gave out, I loved running.  Still miss it.  Tried to pick it up again during the quarantine, but nope, knees are still adamant that it ain't gonna happen.


Archery is another sport/hobby the family and I have picked up.  GREAT upper-body workout, y'all!  And cheaper than firearms....you can retrieve your arrows after a round (provided you can hit the target and don't lose them in the weeds).  Cut these after the wife and daughter got really into the sport.



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The Chiefs is one of the first things I did a little over a year ago. Looking forward to seeing the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this Sunday!!

Although Jimmie Johnson is retired from full time NASCAR the Daytona 500 starts this year's season later this month. Jimmie was on the 2nd place team in the Rolex 24 last weekend and will run several Indy Car races this year.




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     Made this plaque for my neighbour. His granddaughter will be  starting at Saint Francis University in Loretto Pennsylvania In the fall of 2021. She was accepted on a Sports Scholarship. “Lacrosse”  not bad for a Canadian living in Ontario.

This is their “Red Flash” school team logo.

It’s Approx. 11” tip to tip. 4 layers of 1/8” and 2 layers of 1/4” Baltic Birch.7BAE9671-B52D-47E3-BCC2-B3D85F893A58.thumb.jpeg.288c8322210c04bb8a9abefb529d36f0.jpeg


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I do scrollsaw during the winter or rainy days during the summer. I play golf as often as I can and really enjoy the game and where I play. So most of my scrollsaw resolve around golf as far as sport design goes. Attached are a few pictures of some of the stuff that I cut and mostly gave away.







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I made these earlier in the year for my son a Man U fan, and his mate a Leeds fan, my sons is on his desk at work, I made detachable feet for it, and his mates is in his mancave at home, both are made from 1" thick Indian Rosewood from a  repurposed table top, both finished with homemade Bees Wax 🙂


phone shot 2.jpg

phone shot.jpg

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On 2/2/2021 at 2:22 PM, flarud said:

I made this one when I first got back into scrolling a few years ago.  I'm from Illinois and was a huge Cubs fan growing up.  I ended up giving it to my sister,,,wished I would have kept it! Maybe I can make something for my Tampa Bay Bucs next week!



Yes!  Come on Steve Good, make me a good pattern to cut out for my Bucs!

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