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New from Kalamazoo


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Hello all,

Nathan from Kalamazoo, here.  aka homebru.  Been making beer at home for way longer than scrolling.  A couple of years ago I expressed an interest in wooden gear clocks to my wife.  Two kits a Wen Scroll saw and a scratch clock later and here I am.

I've done a piece of fretwork and a number of other small things.  Most recently made a couple of bookends for a physician that I worked with who retired.  Compound cuts in 2.25" thick walnut to make 6-inch chess pieces are not kind to cheap saws.  My FIL gave me an old Dremel scroll saw that suffered the ravages of those compound cuts and it is no longer in service.

I'm currently trolling the classifieds on various forums.  I've got a couple leads that I'm working and I'm confident that I'll have a more robust saw in the workshop in the reasonably near future.

Oh yeah, as my second project (first project was cutting the frame parts for a clock kit) I decided to cut Daniel Brown's (Laughing Mantis Studios) Apis coronavirus "intarsia".  I think it's Rolf that says "I don't know that I cannot, therefore I can".  That clearly defines me when I took on this Apis coronavirus project.  Gave it to my in-laws as a gift since my FIL is a beekeeper.  The pic is pilfered from Daniel's site.

homebru aka nathan in kalamazoo



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Welcome to the village from a fellow Michigander.  Check out the pattern library for some great patterns.  Lots of friendly helpful people here who are always willing to lend a helping hand. 

As for a decent saw you can keep an eye on your local auctions (live and online), just had a Pegas saw at a auction last week. Have also seen several Delta and Dewalt's.  Also keep an eye on the big box stores and Amazon for their sales. 

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Welcome from another 'Gander. I've lived in TX for 30 years, Germany before that, but I grew up in MI. 

Good brands of scrollsaws are Hawk (what I own), Hegner, Pegas, Excalibur, Seyco. Hawks & Seycos are manufactured in the US. Hegners are made in Germany. I got lucky & picked up two Hawk 226VS machines at a super deal. These are professional level saws, solid metal, that last forever. One was manufactured in 1994 & the other in 2000, but you would never know that they aren't new. The machines are still fully supported by the manufacturer and parts are easily available. In my area, Hawks show up on FB Marketplace occasionally. The model I have sells for around $1200 and up new; used run around $600-800 average. But I got both of my machines for less than $300 each. 


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