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Car Show - Scroll Saw Challenge


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One of the things I think about in August is the car shows.  In my hometown, there would be a few official ones, which were fun.  But there are also the pop-up shows that just appear at a restaurant parking lot on a Sunday afternoon.  Usually some car club that meets up at a 50's diner, grab a burger, and then shows off their cars.  I'd see one of those, pull over to look at the "fancy cars" (as my son called them).  I kinda miss that this year.  So how about we have our own car show?  Post a pic of a scroll saw project featuring some sort of car, motorcycle, truck, military vehicle, bicycle, skateboard, or whatever.  As long as it has wheels!  Looking for some inspiration?  Check out our Transportation section in the Pattern Library.  When you post, share a memory of a vehicle you loved. 

My first car was a 1983 Silver Camaro.  It was only a V6, but it looked fast.  And a highschooler with a Camero wasn't a bad thing to have.  :)


We have a ton of great car patterns in the Pattern Library:

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4 hours ago, edward said:

My son in law has one just like this

Picture 133.jpg

Good job on the cut! I may have to find a pattern of my old Roadrunner. Mine was a 1973, yellow with black stripes . Love the Roadrunners back then, fun cars. It had the "slap stick" and was very quick, I won 5 trophies with it and placed high numerous times at the drag strip! Does your son-in-law still have his? My stepdaughter and her husband still have mine, but I have visitation rights when I go to Nebraska...LOL. See the source image

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6 hours ago, munzieb said:

I sure miss our local car shows. Lately I'm stuck on designing cars and aircrafts. My wife will put the pictures in sketch mode in PhotoShop and I'll clean them up in MS 3D paint. I like the '30's, 40's and '50's cars and ones that are unique or one offs. The clean up can take a few days (I'm a nitnoid)


They are absolute beauties. Not just the cars, but the cutting is brilliant.

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29 minutes ago, BadBob said:

I made this Norm Marshall car years ago and kept all these years. I made a lot of them. I don't remember if I used a scroll saw when I made these, but I did have one. A cast iron AMT brand scroll saw I no longer own, but it is still being used. I gave it o a friend after I bought my EX21.


How long ago did I make these? Pretty close to forty years ago.

Those are AWESOME!!!!  Do you still have the plans for them, or know if they're available online?

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