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Welcome to Scroll Saw Village, a new community dedicated to the promotion of the scrolling arts. Here you’ll find an active and friendly community of scroll saw enthusiasts freely sharing ideas, techniques, patterns and their latest works! Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, jump in and make a few friends.

Join us and share your latest works, new ideas and techniques. Anything scroll saw related is fair game in this open and friendly community. So come on in, sit back and enjoy great conversation and make a few friends along the way.
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Interesting find

General Scroll Sawing Today, 08:05 PM
I found this at a local consignment shop. It is labeled as a jig saw but I thought you guys would find it interesting. As you can see it is belt driven but does not come with a corresponding motor. The belt is so short I'm not even sure where you would put the motor. Have any of you seen one of t...
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Bragging Rights Today, 04:50 PM
Steve Goods pattern antique style paint finish
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looking for a cabin in the woods pattern

General Scroll Sawing Today, 04:49 PM
I know that I have seen several cabin patterns. I can not for  the life of me, not find one. If any of you can help direct me to one or two, I would appreciate it a lot.   Been busy in my shop and I have several projects going.. I have not had much computer time since my return from DC...
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For God so loved the world....

New Pattern Announcements Today, 04:39 PM
Here is something different for you all Bob   
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A couple of Ford ragtops....57 & 59

Bragging Rights Today, 01:11 PM
My first car was a 59 Ford Fairlane....and i have always liked the 57.......These patterns are from Don R @ Old Crow Scrollwerks....Don does a great job with all his patterns....cut from 1/4 BB using 3/0 FD new spiral blades......Thanks for looking!
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Recent Gallery Comments

  • Beginning of the Trail

    jamminjack writes:

    Love your work....

  • Beginning of the Trail

    Scrappile writes:

    That is a beautiful piece of art!  Outstanding work.

  • one of many cut

    Doug writes:

    Very good can you spare the pattern save me making it. Please. Roly

    Roly - just do a search and it pops right up.  It is a BobScroll pattern.

  • one of many cut

    bobscroll writes:

    Hey Tom, That's a nice job you did on that pattern, Thanks for showing! Bob.

  • one of many cut

    Phantom Scroller writes:

    Very good can you spare the pattern save me making it. Please. Roly

  • one of many cut

    wombatie writes:

    I may live in Australia and have Australian Citizenship but I will also be English and proud of it.   Love your cutting.   Marg

  • Labrador

    Kris's Kreations writes:

    Great one!!!

  • Complete project

    LarB writes:

    Absolutely stunning!!  Your frames have captured the scenes perfectly - Congratulations Sir, I am really happy for you. I can't stop saying 'WOW' :-)

  • Giraffes (framed)

    LarB writes:

    You're good :-)

  • Elephants (framed)

    LarB writes:

    Nicely done!!

Recent Blog Entries

  • grosa's Photo
    Cigar factory furniture part 9

    grosa - May 27, 2015 07:14 PM

    Now that the pedestal is made it's time to make the skirt platform for the granite. Picture 1,2, it is made from 3/4" birch poplar core plywood with a build up. Picture 3- 8,now I glue on the gear style dental I made at the very beginning of this job. The dental is ripped at 2" wide and glued all the way around. Picture 9 after sanding it goes on the pedestal. Picture 10, time to make the arm r...

  • grosa's Photo
    Cigar factory furniture part 8

    grosa - May 27, 2015 05:36 PM

    I need to finish the pedestal for the hall table. Picture 1,2,3,4 gluing the return for the side pieces. Picture 5, the parts I glued up for the face frame for the pedestal need to be sanded. Picture 6, after sanding this is what I ended up with. Picture 7, here is a close up of the joint. Picture 8,9, it's time to mount the template I made to the face frame material, there are two of these. Pi...

  • grosa's Photo
    Cigar factory furniture part 7

    grosa - May 24, 2015 06:14 AM

    Picture 1. Making the template to make the full size cutting template for the hall table. Picture 2, after cutting out the template this is what it looks like. Picture 3,4,5, I lay it out on some 3/4" poplar core plywood and cut it out on the sliding table saw. Picture 6, I use the template to cut out two identical parts to keep it symmetrical. Picture 7,8,I cut it on the inverted pin router....

  • grosa's Photo
    Cigar factory furniture part 6

    grosa - May 23, 2015 12:32 PM

    Picture 1 Through 7 Getting the wood ready to make the arm rail for the table top. For the best look it's important to get all the parts out of one board. After all the parts are cut up with a circular saw they need to be prepared for gluing. All the boards are jointed then they are parallel cut on the table saw. All the angles are cut on a sliding table saw. Picture 10, after cutting everythin...

  • grosa's Photo
    Cigar factory furniture part 5

    grosa - May 14, 2015 07:32 PM

    IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WITH A TABLE SAW PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR WORK, YOU WILL GET HURT.It's time to connect the corbel to the turning and the end piece.Picture 1, I clamped a piece of plywood to the table saw on an angle.Picture 2, I made a sled to ride the plywood and hold the parts in place while cutting.Picture 3, the finish height of the blade is 3/4" high.Pi...

  • grosa's Photo
    Cigar factory furniture part 4

    grosa - May 14, 2015 05:39 PM

    Making the corbels. Picture 1, the wood is prepped like before with the jointer, planner and wide belt sander. Picture 2, The core of the corbel will end up being 2 3/8" thick. I started with 12/4 material. Picture 3, the wood is glued up. Picture 4,5, a little trick I use when I rough cut material on a bandsaw is a washer. If I want to rough cut the material 1/4", 1/8", 1/2" bigger than the t...

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