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Favorite Project - Scroll Saw Challenge

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Christmas is over and we start a new year.  Whenever January rolls around, I often reflect on the previous year.  I like to think of the special memories, accomplishments, and time I spend with my hobbies.  So this month's challenge, think back to what you created this year and post your favorite scroll saw project.  Let us know a little bit about it.  Why was it your favorite?  Was it a gift for someone?  What was it for?  I always enjoy the stories behind the project.  Can't wait to see your favorite project!  

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16 hours ago, Fab4 said:

I'm going to cheat a little on this reply
This was not done last year but rather 38+ years ago after I started this great hobby
I may be off topic a bit, so I apologize for that 
When I came out of rehab(drugs and alcohol, the good old days) I needed something to keep me busy
Long story short, I found a scrollsaw which I knew nothing about and bought it when I saw that the
pattern book had Christmas ornaments.  I'll make some ornaments, have my son and daughter paint them.
Then I saw this little guy and just had to try and cut him out of wood.
He's precious to me and it was a great moment when I finished him. (see the pun there....LOL)
So, he's sitting there as I was one day, wondering if I made the right decision with rehab and this life changing time
for me, my wife, my kids, my job, friends...
Well, I can honestly say that this little guy and I both agree that it was and has been the best decision I ever made in my life.
38 +years sober and drug free and it hasn't been all that bad. 
Still married to a wonderful girl who could have easily walked away but she never did.


I love this so much!  ❤️  There's a lot of meaning to you and I can see why it is important to you and your family.  Congratulations on your continued journey.

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8 hours ago, RabidAlien said:

A couple I did last year, can't really decide on a fav.


John Wick....cuz.....John Wick.  :)  Cant' remember where I found the pattern, pencil holder was added by me because my warped sense of humor found it amusing.  All these big bad tough mafia-types, when they talk about John Wick, the thing that scares them the most was his use of a pencil.


Jellyfish, if I had to pick one, might be my fav, just because I took a risk on the spraypaint and it paid off.  I was going for that blacklight purple you see them bathed in at the aquariums.  Two different shades of rattlecan, started close to the project and backed up as I sprayed downward, then picked up the other can, started close at the bottom, and backed up as I moved upwards.  Moving away reduced the amount of spray hitting the piece, so the colors tapered off.  Starting on opposite ends gave it a gradual blending effect.


Flowers and butterfly were papercutting patterns I found.  LOTS of little details, and the outside cut took about as long as the interior cuts combined, but they're well worth the effort.  Had a lot of fun doing these.





Ha did not see the pencil thing at first....

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3 minutes ago, MarieC said:

I would have to say my favorite scroll saw project was the first I ever made which was May of this past year.  I made it as a Christmas present for my Daughter and her Husband.  It is a silhouette of her and her husband at their wedding.  The wedding was late in the evening and she loves the Moonlight and trees.  Later in August I decided to enter it and another piece (a tree) I had done into a Juried Wood Art show.  I ended up winning a couple of ribbons.  I was so supprise by the ribbons that I wanted to surprise her and her husband with it.  Now she new I entered the Tree piece but she had no idea that I had even made her the Moon piece.  So when she and her husband came to the show they at first saw my Tree piece and then they both saw the one I made of them and they said "Wow, I wonder who did that one, it is really pretty (and then a pause)...HEY, that is us!"  The judge happened to be there and got a good laugh as well.  Anyway, I ended up wrapping it up and gave it to them this past Christmas.  




Every ribbon very well deserved! 

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I don't have anything to show since I just got my machine. I just want to say that I am seeing some amazing work here and I hope that I can someday produce work that equals yours! I especially love to see the military related designs and stories; I have been married to two soldiers (both have passed away now) and I know the sacrifices made by our military personnel and their families. 

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22 hours ago, Scrappile said:

I have three!,  I have three!  First and most important are the military emblems I make for veterans I meet. I will just show the latest one, but it was worth every bit of effort just to see the appreciation for them.  Even saw some tear from a couple.

Second, my street organ.. My most complicated build ever, taking the longest and most dedication and resulted in meeting some very talented wood working people and was very fun to share with audiences. 

street organ 5.jpg


Paul I love your street organ, could you post your video of it again while you are playing it...please :)

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