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Fun Days - Scroll Saw Challenge


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HERE IS MY,     FUN DAYS SCROLL SAW CHALLENGE  FOR AUGUST........................   

I have found scrollers are very serious about scrolling.  Sometimes you have to lighten up and make a few FUN, silly projects.  Pigs really can

 fly you know!    There is NO painting, except for the edges, in doing this project.  Art work for this project was done on a sheet of paper using  

COP/C dual-tip, alcohol base markers.   A copy of the artwork was made, cut out  and glued to the wood.  A light clear top coat was added. It is 

almost impossible to see that the art work was glued on. 



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On 8/22/2022 at 6:59 AM, newfie said:

Hmm wonder what the neighbors are up to today? Lol


need to make two of these... I live out in the country, but the neighbors are close enough we can talk at the fences or yell at each other.   I am often on my deck with binoculars, not to watch my neighbors but to look for Birds,deer and foxes that are sometimes in our lower fields.  So, I need to make a pair of these to put on the fences between us..just to make them nervous..

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