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April Fool - Games and Puzzles Scroll Saw Challenge


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This month's challenge is about fun and games.  Post your game or puzzle projects here!  Have you made a game?  Chess, checkers, cribbage, or some other game?  How about puzzles?  Jigsaw puzzles, free-standing puzzles, mind teaser puzzles?  Post those here.  I love games and puzzles.  I can't wait to see them.

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I have a game for two people that surprising looks really easy but in reality is quite fun and challenging, even if played with a new player. The squares are 1 inch by 1 inch, you can easily see what the other 4 pieces measurement are, just by looking at it. The four  pieces are painted the same color on each side.   the large colored pieces are placed With the large ends placed in the center of the board with the long parts both at the bottom of the board, facing away from each other and the black circles on the bottom corners. It starts out where the first person can make one move with the larger game pieces but cannot move the opponents piece, which, of course, would be the opposite colored game piece. The pieces can only be places on square that are free of the opponents piece and the two black circles. The after each move, the person has the choice to move one or both of the black circles to any open square, or he can elect to leave them lay as is. The person moving his larger game piece can leave it face up as it is when he picks it up or can elect to turn the piece over so that what was the bottom becomes the top. After that move, the opponent does the same thing with his piece with all the same electives of the previous player. ( these are choice with every move ) The object of the game is to position your piece so that the opponent has no where to place his game piece. sounds easy? Try it. 

puzzel to make again.PNG

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On 4/8/2021 at 2:40 PM, Scrappile said:

@heppnerguy Never heard of that game.  What is it called.... I am a total loser when it come to any games.... My daughter, her husband and son play lots of games together... 

Don't know the name of it. As you can see, it is a simple quick make though. and it is really interesting to play.



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I got to post this a couple of months ago when the topic was Sports.  Now I get to post it under Games.  It's Chess board and pieces designed by Steve Good :


This time, I will add photos of the drawer and a cover designed by me. 



I made all this  for my grandson Ethan.  


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6 hours ago, RabidAlien said:

I'll show a couple of those I've cut, plus a puzzle I did mostly on the table saw, back when I was just starting to discover woodworking (and had yet to really get into the scrolling side of things).


Hey there!

I really like that 3rd one - it keeps you looking .
An engaging piece - now to find the pattern.

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I made the Steve Good penny drop game, lots of fun for the kids, had to dig up pennies though, that was tough, they were discontinued in Canada 9 years ago!  Forgive my beginner scroll saw skills. First time doing inside cuts. I veneered the top of the box beforehand (should have veneered the back of that piece also). 





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