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Function - Scroll Saw Challenge


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A lot o f scroll saw projects are decorative.  Things like wall hanging and shelf sitters.  Let's look at the other side, projects that have a purpose.  So, this scroll saw challenge is for functional projects.  This could be things like clocks, pencil holders, boxes, key holders, key rings, shelves, candle holders, etc.  When you post your project, let us know what you use it for.  It'll be fun to see what you come up with.

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13 hours ago, Wichman said:

This is a double lidded basket made out of 5/16 cherry. Not sure of the details, but I did extend the tenons and used toothpicks as pins to hold it together; the is no glue in the tenons, it all friction fit. :)


A dresser mirror. I added a picture frame to the back of the mirror, either use as a mirror or turn over and use as a picture frame.


A small fretwork basket, cherry. I made my first one of these with my old sears hobby saw; 3" pin end blades. Take out the top pin, drill a series of holes to make a slot, feed blade through the slot, use safety pin to replace top pin, cut. :)


Just goes to show that if you have the desire you can overcome all obstacles. Nice work. 

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On 9/2/2022 at 12:03 PM, FrankEV said:

I think this fits the Theme.  Made for my Lady's young Grandson, who loves Dragons, so he can learn to tell time that is not digital and learn a little Chineese at the same time.



Edit 9/4/22: Just remembered my Cube style Tissue box covers...very functional projects.





Your covers put mine to shame. I guess I'll have to step up my game. Yours are beautiful.

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2 hours ago, RabidAlien said:

Test-tube rack for holding scroll saw blades.  Dragons are on two sides of a dice tower, the dragon-topped box is a tweaked Steve Good box design, used it to hold D&D dice.  The two heart-shaped jewelry boxes are also SG designs (added a dragon to one for my daughter, rose went to my wife).





All beautiful!

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I must hand it to everybody for all your great work and creativity. We truly have a gifted group here on The Village. Cudos to everybody. Keep the beautiful work coming. I see many items here that I will be begging you for your patterns. Or at least your sources. Thank you to all.

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7 hours ago, DRugerH said:

I work from home and have to use my phone for MFA authentications, many times a day (SysAdmin, I jump into a lot of different servers requiring MFA)  I typically lay my phone down, and pick it up every time I have to allow myself access.  So, I figured I should make myself some sort of phone holder to hold it upright so I can just tap the allow button.  I had some left over white cedar from a bunch of bird feeders I was building, so looked online for some ideas.  I saw one that someone made that I sort of liked.  I printed the picture out and followed it as my pattern.  Because it's cedar, and smells good, I just left it raw and unfinished.  I sanded it a bit, but I didn't want to spend more than 15 or 20-minutes making it.  This is what I came up with:



Form and function! What's not to like?


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