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Handmade Gifts Scroll Saw Challenge 2022


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This is my favorite challenge.  We basically do this every year, but I love to see what people are making for others this Holiday season.  There is so much love and care put into these special projects.  So this month's challenge is Handmade Gifts.  What handcrafted gift are you putting under that tree this year?  Post a picture of what you made in your shop and who it's for.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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11 hours ago, Tbow388 said:

Jesus is for my Wife.

Geronimo is for my son.

The Native American is for my Step Mother Inlaw.

The recipe holder is for my mother inlaw

The Double stack box is for my father inlaw

The God box is for my ex wife.

The big "Sure enough treasure box is for my Daughter-in-law to keep one of my granddaughters most precious things.

The Fairy Princess wands and the rubber band guns are for my 2 Granddaughters.

Months and months have been put into these gifts of love.



God box 1.jpg

God box 2.jpg



mike box 1.jpg

mike box 2.jpg


Treasure box 1.jpg

Treasure box 2.jpg


All of your work is beautiful but I have to say that your frames ate amazing!!!!

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On 12/11/2022 at 9:45 PM, Dak0ta52 said:

These are two of Steve Good's patterns I cut for my grandchildren (trucks) and son and daughter (cross). I actually cut one other truck for another grandson but he is a little older and I plan to stain his rather than color. The colors or the other three grandchildren's favorite colors. I still have to glue and spray a finish. I plan on using Polyacrylic.




Great job on those. Making the grands gifts are my favorite. I don't have the painting patience that you have.

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23 hours ago, kywoodmaster said:

I made all of our family Initial Ornaments for Christmas this year. All have been delivered except 4. I have been informed that this needs to become a yearly tradition. I made a total of 30 of these. Cedar wood Minwax natural stain and 4 coats of rattle can lacquer.

cedar ornaments.jpg

I have tried a couple of 3D ornaments and they are past hard to make.

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We did a gift exchange at work for about 20 of us.  This was a virtual meeting on computers.  The concept was to order from Amazon and keep it under $35.  

But I am a non-conformist. I said I would make something. 

The company logo is a Big R, and our brand is a light bulb "iwatt" is the brand. Notice the "iw" as the filiament in the bulb.   We design integrated circuits (chips). I obtained some silicon wafers and cut a small circle that fits inside the light bulb. 

Inliad "yellow heart" into "purple heart".  I still need to put a finish on it. 


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